Get a Better View from the Inside with the Help of Trusted Commercial Window Washers

Jan 26, 2023

Cleaning your windows is always at the bottom of your list, no matter how much you try to deny it. While businesses often book professional carpet and bathroom cleaners, they often neglect windows. It’s extremely important to keep commercial window washing up to date on a regular basis since it requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

Since a good first impression is important to every business owner, a commercial building should always have an impeccable appearance. Tasks are more likely to be accomplished in a clean working environment with pristine windows that offer a better outside view. The health of employees is also positively affected by clean windows and a clean building. 

Our professional window cleaners at West Coast Property Maintenance are armed with the right tools and knowledge to ensure that your windows will be spick and span.

Is Commercial Window Washing Easy?

Some people incorrectly think that commercial window cleaning just calls for a clean towel and Windex, just like they think janitorial services only require a mop and bucket. However, a janitorial company with professional cleaners is needed for commercial window cleaning. In addition to being bulky, buying all the window cleaning supplies and tools you need can be expensive.

Cleaning your windows yourself will cost more money than hiring a commercial window cleaner to do it since you’re going to have to buy buckets, squeegees, cleaners, towels, ladders, and other tools necessary. Additionally, you risk damaging your windows if you use the wrong chemicals and tools. 

To loosen all stuck debris, dirt, and even paint, the best window cleaners typically scrub and scrape windows. It’s also important to wipe down and dry the edges of your windows. It is imperative to clean the window screens and window tracks to ensure that your windows are thoroughly cleaned.

The Benefits of Having Your Windows Cleaned

Your building’s exterior dictates the first impression of your customers and employees. Your overall business appearance, from landscaping to signage to windows, impacts how people perceive you immediately. Storefront windows with merchandise displays often receive a negative first impression if they are coated in grime, which negatively impacts sales.

You can welcome natural light into the space through clean windows, which enhances your space’s appearance and feel. Retail spaces can seem cold and artificial when lit with fluorescent lights. An employee’s mood can be greatly improved by natural light that comes in through clean windows during the winter. Seasonal affective disorder and sleep problems can be eased by natural light in the workplace.

The air in your business can become clogged with dirt and grime as dirt collects on windows. Employees and customers may be affected by respiratory conditions, asthma, and allergies due to this. Contaminated windows can also contaminate sensitive materials, especially if you’re handling food. 

Moreover, the average lifespan of your business windows can be reduced if you don’t clean them. Getting your windows cleaned regularly gets rid of dirt, overspray, salt, and other debris, which can etch the glass if not removed. If dirt buildup is neglected, breakage and spidery cracks can happen over time.

Types of Commercial Window Cleaning Services

To avoid potential clients turning away from your building, it is critical that your business property’s windows and façade look clean and professional. It can be difficult to decide which type of commercial window washing is best suited to your needs with so many options available. 

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Cleaning high-rise windows is extremely challenging due to their inaccessibility and corrosion caused by constant exposure to the elements. To get the job done correctly, high-rise window washing should only be performed by professionals since it requires specialized equipment and safety guidelines.

Interior Window Cleaning

For many home and business owners, cleaning internal windows is the most important part of window cleaning. Your window cleaner probably does the trick and you wipe them down once in a while. Although this is fine for a quick wash, it doesn’t clean your windows very well. In comparison to the average home or business owner, professional window cleaners use better products and better techniques, resulting in better-looking windows.

Exterior Window Cleaning

To maintain good facilities management, it is crucial to keep commercial buildings’ exterior windows clean. An aesthetically pleasing building and the businesses that occupy it reflect well in the windows. It is necessary for window washers to scale buildings with multiple stories in order to clean them properly. On watch, you don’t want to have an accident because this is dangerous work.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Modern solutions such as this are used to clean windows up to 80 feet high. In many retail and commercial establishments, it is the preferred method. Water jets and a brush are mounted on the end of a telescopic pole.

A brush is used to remove dirt from the window while pure water is fed up the pole and sprayed onto the window. Your windows will be perfectly clean and spotless after you clean them with pure water.

Glass Door Cleaning

If your building has glass doors, it can be easy to overlook cleaning them when exterior windows are on your mind. Glass door cleaning is offered by many commercial window cleaning services, but not all. The solutions and materials used for cleaning glass doors are different from those used for cleaning external windows, so you should hire professionals who specialize in this type of cleaning.

Clean Windows the Right Way With Professionals

With this guide, we hope that you will be able to select the right window cleaning company for your needs. Whether you need commercial window cleaning in Southern California or you need emergency service, West Coast Property Maintenance is the best choice!

Giving you the best experience and getting the best results is our top priority. In addition to highly skilled technicians, our company only employs tools and training that are the best in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our window cleaning prices.

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