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Venice is a neighborhood in the west side of Los Angeles, California. Not unlike the famous city with its canals and gondolas of the same name, Venice is a seaside resort town known for its canals, beach, front walk, and promenade.

Founded in 1905, Venice City CA was originally called the Venice of America. Intended as a beachfront town, Venice City has developed a distinct bohemian culture over the years. The famous boardwalk is lined with eclectic shops selling various funky items, and there are always street performers keeping the crowds entertained. Not to mention, the streets have several colorful murals that make your time outdoors a highly picturesque one.

Tourists and locals alike come to Venice City to enjoy the multifarious offerings in this thriving cultural center. For those who enjoy basking in the outdoor sun, there’s the famous Venice Beach, California—one of LA’s best beaches and a famous surf spot.

If you’re into other sports recreation, there’s the Venice Beach Recreation Center complete with children’s play areas, gymnastics centers, and various outdoor sports courts. In fact, many well-known NBA basketball players today developed their skills in these courts.

On the weekends, there’s the Venice Beach Drum Circle where a crowd forms to watch musicians from all over the world gather with them and play their drums, shakers, congas, and the like for an impromptu jam session.

The outdoor scene is surely a site to see in Venice City. With its unique bohemian culture and its tourist grabbing attractions, it’s never been more important for establishments to keep their storefronts, patios, and curbs clean and welcoming.

WCPM has been helping Venice City commercial properties maintain their exteriors as they busy themselves preparing the best interior for tourists and locals who come to visit their business. For 13 years, WCPM only offers top-notch pressure washing and power washing services for the cleanest outdoor areas that will make any onlookers and potential clients feel welcome.

Pressure Washing Services in Venice

Being a beachfront town, the infrastructures in Venice take a bit more beating on their paint jobs and structural integrity. The sea air may be what the tourists and locals love, but this just means more maintenance work for business and homeowners in the city.

That’s why Venice properties benefit greatly from pressure washing or power washing. Check out the many reasons why pressure washing or power washing is the best cleaning method for the exteriors of Venice properties.

Cleans Like No Other

Of all cleaning procedures, pressure washing or power washing offers the most spotless cleanse. Not only is it effective against unsightly graffiti on your pristine walls, it’s also able to remove any build up that accumulates on the pavement and between bricks and tiles on your driveway, curb, and parking area.

And because power washing only uses highly pressurized water to scour surfaces, it’s also better for the environment compared to other washing methods.

Increases Property Value

The last thing you want after buying a property is letting it degrade to the point where its resale value doesn’t make it much of an investment at all.

Whether you have a business or a home, keeping your property clean and well maintained not only from the inside but also from the outside is incredibly impactful on your property’s resale value.

Pressure washing has the incredible ability to clean so that your property exterior looks as good as new…and a good-looking exterior is always good for business!

Improves Safety

Keeping walls, sidewalks, and parking lots clean is not only for improved curbside appeal, it’s also a safety measure! When you hire pressure washers to maintain the cleanliness of your outdoor space, you are keeping your customers and staff safe from possible accidents and injuries caused by build up on your walkways and driveways.

Any good business prioritizes safety. Hiring professional pressure washers only helps keep your commercial property safe and welcoming to ensure customer satisfaction.

Prevents Unnecessary Repairs

Pressure washing services is a great investment. Though they cost a bit more than other cleaning services, they are a lot more thorough, and are able to get rid of the toughest grime, molds, algae, and mildew which means your property will not require repair and will have longer gaps between maintenance checks.

Call WCPM Professional Pressure Washing Today

Pressure washing requires trained staff to manage. Professional pressure washing equipment delivers over 4000 psi and 10 gpm (gallons per minute) compared to the more common 2800 psi. When handled incorrectly, it can not only damage property, but can cause serious injury.

At WCPM, all our pressure washers are highly trained professionals who are experts at handling our top-notch equipment. They know just the right amount of pressure to use, which nozzles to use on which area, and how to angle the water pressure depending on the surface they are assigned to clean.

We’ve been delivering excellent results and 100% customer satisfaction for the last 13 years. Be it roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, just tell us, and we will wash it for you as we’ve done it many times before.

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