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Culver City, CA is a city in Los Angeles County well known for being a site for TV and film production studios.

The Triangle Motion Picture Company was built in the city in 1918. In 1924, Metro Goldwyn Studios took over the space and today, people will find Sony Picture Studios there in the northwest corner of Washington Boulevard & Overland Avenue.

Compared to the famous Hollywood glitz, Culver City offers true classic movie glamour. Besides housing the studios that brought America some of its most iconic films, Culver City also has theaters, museums, and thriving sidewalks that would make any movie enthusiast enjoy their walk down memory lane.

Just across Sony Picture Studios, there’s the Kirk Douglas Theater, where one can catch plays and musicals. And no trip to Culver City is complete without a visit to the Historic Culver Hotel, which housed the cast of Gone With The Wind and The Wizard of Oz. The hotel is rumored to be haunted and to have secret underground tunnels leading to the Sony Studio area.

When you’ve had enough revisiting history, go to the outdoors market across the street from the hotel. You can also choose to hit up any of the 40 galleries along La Cienaga and Washington Boulevards. If you’re into science, there’s the Museum Of Jurassic Technology that holds some of the rarest collections ranging from gemstones to cat cradles. Lastly, you can stroll along The Ballona Creek Cycle Path or the Baldwin Scenic Overlook to enjoy the Mediterranean weather.

Culver City is a beautiful area that never runs out of things to offer. That’s why West Coast Property Management has been serving Culver City by keeping establishment and home windows sparkly clean for the last 13 years. Nothing brings in more business or welcomes guests than spic and span displays!

Professional Window Cleaning vs. DIY

If you’re a business owner or a homeowner in Culver City, you’re busy running your business or maintaining the interior of your home. The last thing on your mind is ensuring you have clean windows, but it is nevertheless an important task.

The exterior of your property is the first thing people see, and your windows are the looking glass into your home or business. Overlooking a stained or blurry window gives your business or home a bad reputation.

Check out the benefits of hiring our expert window cleaning company as opposed to doing things yourself.


Though window cleaning seems simple, it actually involves safety risks, especially if you have windows in high areas. Most homes and establishments have such window placements, and going up yourself to clean them can result in an injury or worse, hospitalization.

In fact, over 164,000 people are taken to the emergency room after falling from ladders every year, and about 300 of these falls lead to deaths.

Don’t risk your neck trying to penny-pinch and clean your windows yourself. Without the special equipment and know-how on getting tough stains off your glass, you will be spending a lot more time and effort cleaning your windows.

Professionals have the equipment, training, and experience to get your windows sparkly clean as if they were new!


Let’s face it: most people have something better to do than regular window cleaning. That’s why windows are often an afterthought.

If you’ve neglected your windows and allowed stains to accumulate, cleaning windows yourself using store bought materials takes quite a bit of elbow grease. And more often than not, the stains don’t come off at all.

The right window washers are experts at removing window stains, and they have the proper equipment and training to get the stains off much more quickly and effectively than you can with your store bought materials.

Rather than trying out various cleaning solutions and spending hours scrubbing each window, hiring expert window cleaners give you the convenience of getting the job done in as little time as possible, which means your business or home will have minimal downtime.

Why West Coast Property Management?

There are many who offer more affordable window cleaning services in Culver, CA. But only WCPM has been serving Los Angeles for over 13 years as a cleaning company offering the best services.

Top-Notch Equipment and Trained Staff

At WCPM, not only do we have the leading equipment in the industry, we also make sure that our team is highly trained to handle the equipment so that each and every window is left as clean as when you first bought them.

Amazing Track Record

WCPM is number one in property maintenance services for a reason. We always do a great job with our window cleaning and pressure washing, and all our staff are highly trained. We make sure that we handle customer queries as professionally as possible, while giving advice on how to maintain or repair your windows if needed.

Customer Satisfaction

We stand by the quality of our service and offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Hire us, and we’ll make sure to offer you the best deal and exceed your expectations!

Convenient Booking for Window Cleaning Services With WCPM

Whether you need commercial window cleaning or residential window cleaning services in Culver City, WCPM can do it for you at a fair price and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact WCPM to request free estimates or schedule our window cleaning service today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of commercial window cleaning equipment available?

For efficient and perfect cleaning, professional window cleaning requires the right tools and equipment. Learn more about the tools that will be used to make your office building or high-rise sparkling clean and attractive by the window washing services.


A squeegee is a typical cleaning tool with a handle and a rubber blade. Since the rubber is flexible, it can remove all of the water, leaving the glass dry and streak-free. This is how our cleaners remove moisture from glass. Squeegees may be used on both large and small windows because they come in a variety of lengths and sizes.


Sleeves are another name for scrubbers. They spread water and cleaning solution over glass using cloth cylinders that fit over squeegees. They save our cleaners time and space because they may be used with another instrument, and they simplify cleaning.

Even the most stubborn dirt and grime can be removed from outside windows with microfiber scrubbers.

Towels and Sponges

Towels and sponges are useful additional cleaning tools for removing water and cleaning solution that collects around window glass and may be challenging for squeegees to remove. Additionally, they are great for removing stubborn dirt and bird and bug stains. Towels and sponges of superior quality will last through numerous cleanings.

Belts and Holsters

Our professional cleaners require a way to transport all of our essential equipment. When washing the front doors or the windows on the twelfth level, they can easily access whatever they need by wearing their tools around their waist in arranged holsters and belts.

Any instrument can be fashioned to fit snugly into a holster, guaranteeing its security regardless of the height our cleaner must scale.

Security Glasses and Goggles

Our professional commercial window cleaning staff work outside where they are exposed to the wind and sun. Additionally, they are exposed to the window cleaning products that are applied. Both types of particles that might accidentally or accidentally enter their eyes through the wind are protected by glasses and goggles. To keep cleaning going, safety precautions are crucial to us.

Ropes and Harnesses

Even the tallest buildings require cleaning services. The cleaners must utilize ropes and harnesses when they can’t use a lift to access particularly high areas of a building.

To keep our professional cleaners safe, use robust, dependable, and capable of supporting them as they operate on professional roof rigs.

How do commercial window cleaners clean windows?

You can enhance the quality of your cleaning by using the majority of the equipment used by professional commercial window cleaning services, which are available at hardware stores and home improvement stores. Keep in mind that harsh chemical-containing window washing solutions are not used by professional window cleaners.

Strong chemical formulations don’t always produce miraculous effects. On occasion, they could leave observable remnants on the window glass that are difficult to remove.

We no longer have an excuse for dirty windows because all the cleaning supplies are inexpensive and last a long time. We don’t require a sizable collection of cleaning supplies or pricy cleaning agents. Some budget businesses provide goods that produce outcomes that experts will approve of.

It’s likely that some of you have been using paper towels, newspapers, and spray bottles for a while. But once you use a squeegee, you won’t want to use any other cleaning agents again. In comparison to cleaning with paper towels, using squeegees doesn’t leave any streaks and takes less time. With squeegees, if we get the hang of it, we can work more quickly and productively.

A teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and a couple of liters of warm water should be added to the bucket. It’s best to use chilly water to swiftly clean your windows if you intend to do it during a warm day. Use windshield cleaning solution till the water doesn’t freeze on the window glass if you’ve put off washing your windows for so long that you need to do it in below-freezing weather.

Put a canvas drop cloth on the floor so that any extra water that drips while you wipe your windows from inside the house will fall onto it. You ought to clean them differently. Water and liquid dishwashing detergent can be used to wash interior windows. Fill a small spray bottle with this cleaning solution, and then mist the window’s inner surfaces.

Use a terrycloth cloth to wipe the glass clean after you spray it, and then quickly wipe it down with the microfiber towel to finish the job.

What are the most common types of commercial window cleaning?

If you manage facilities, you are aware of how time-consuming it may be to maintain the windows of a commercial building. Windows must be periodically cleaned to maintain a pleasing look and stop premature wear and tear due to constant exposure to the weather.

When it comes to commercial window cleaning services, there are four primary categories of cleaning firms that you might want to take into account using for your building.

Removing Hard Water

You should employ a skilled service to clean the hard water stains off your windows. When choosing a property maintenance service to hire, be sure to inquire as to whether or not they offer hard water removal as part of their commercial window cleaning services.

Door Glass Cleaning

While cleaning external windows is typically front of mind, it is simple to overlook glass doors if your building has them. Glass door washing is a service that many commercial window cleaning companies offer, but not all of them.

Make sure to select someone who specializes in cleaning glass doors because it takes different cleaning agents and products than washing outside windows.

Cleaning of Interior Commercial Windows

It can be tempting to ignore the accumulation on the interior of commercial windows since only one side of them is exposed to the outside elements. A different amount of investigation is needed when scheduling business window cleaners to clean interior windows as opposed to outside window cleaners.

Cleaning of Commercial Exterior Windows

For effective facilities management, a business building’s outside windows must be kept clean. Our commercial window cleaning staff will need to scale your building if it has numerous levels in order to effectively clean the windows. The last thing you want is an accident when you are on watch because this is a risky job.

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