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Commercial Junk Removal Services in Orange County

The best commercial junk removal and trash hauling service provider in Southern California

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Why Choose Our Commercial Junk Removal Company

West Coast Property Maintenance offers professional commercial junk removal services for homes or businesses in Orange County, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas. As specialists in property maintenance, we serve all aspects, including junk disposal services from construction sites, rentals, retail, restaurants, and other commercial areas.

Whether office furniture removal, appliance removal, equipment removal, yard waste removal, or single item removal, we offer same-day service as well as after-hours pickup. Do you want to hire a professional junk hauling company for your commercial property with the experience and equipment to do the job properly? Call WCPM today!

Construction Site

If you’re looking for commercial junk removal on construction sites or post demolition, WCPM has over 13 years of construction waste and debris removal experience. Plus, our waste removal services include removing lumber, tree limbs, old doors and windows, glass, bricks, concrete, fabricated rocks, sheetrock, scrap metal, cabinets, flooring, old plumbing fixtures, landscape, hazardous materials and other construction debris.

Really, we’ll remove just about anything that has no place in being there. Working with an experienced commercial junk removal team ensures that we’ll remove just that — only what you want us to remove. Commercial junk hauling companies just starting out, unfortunately, do not always know one pile of construction material from the other.

Office Cleanout

Before you know it, old business junk like chairs, ancient office equipment, piles of boxes of paperwork, and even old refrigerators have been left to die in an abandoned garage or office space. While this space could be used to store everyday items that are used regularly or turned into a meeting room or break room, it has become a commercial junk pile.

Don’t beat yourself up; it happens to the vast majority of businesses. We know that, as commercial junk removal specialists, we clean up the unwanted junk. Call us to determine the best trash removal solution for you. There’s always an answer, and at WCPM, we’re committed to finding it.


Warehouses can become the bane of a business owner’s existence. Particularly an old warehouse that has been turned into a storage facility for commercial junk that no one really wants. The worst part is that no one wants to sift through the discarded boxes, furniture, and fixtures to find the usable item that lies beneath the rubble.

As a commercial junk removal company that has seen its share of warehouses, we know how what was once a compact and organized facility can turn into a burial ground for outdated equipment, supplies, and never-used maintenance tools. For reasonable disposal fees, let us help you reclaim your space. Call WCPM today to schedule an appointment and meet the team that will come up with proper disposal solutions.


At WCPM, our experienced team work with self-storage operators and renters who find themselves left with unclaimed items and whole storage units all the time. While many things can be sold or recycled, there remain boxes of papers, clothes, and unwanted items that are of no use to anyone.

If this happens to you regularly, we can set up a commercial junk removal schedule to help keep your business run at its full potential.

Backyard & Frontyard

Your yard should be a haven, a place to retire and enjoy the sun filtering through the trees after a long day at work. Unfortunately, everyday duties and tasks can take up more than our allotted 24 hours a day. Before you know it, your yard has become a dumping ground for unwanted material.

Whether yard waste or piles of debris you should have thrown away years ago, we’re here to help you bring back the charm and functionality of your yard and give you some space. Call us at WCPM to discuss hauling services options, service availability, and how to make your yard the oasis it’s meant to be.

Mobile Home Demolition

Every mobile home has its day, the moment when no amount of elbow grease can restore it to any sort of livable condition; that’s a lot of junk in need of removal. Some junk removal companies simply do not have the equipment or ability to reduce a mobile home to a scale that can allow them to remove it safely and effectively.

Our Professional team know the potential dangers and hazards as well as the requirements to do the job of junk removal correctly. We break down the various parts until everything is removed from the site and ready to be reclaimed by another mobile home or a beautiful landscape.

Environmentally Conscious

We recycle or salvage what we can from each commercial junk removal. Remember, what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

In addition to recycling, much of what we throw away today has tragic consequences. Electronic waste such as lithium batteries that make it to a landfill end up contaminating the water and soil. And that’s just one of many environmentally toxic elements we throw into the trash can without considering the consequences.

At WCPM, we know what can go into a landfill, what can be recycled, and what other people may be able to use. As junk removal and dumpster experts, it’s our job.

We cannot accept hazardous waste which must be removed from a property according to EPA’s standards. Check for permanent hazardous waste collection facilities, services or special events for particular types of hazardous waste in your area.

Realtors and Property Managers

If you’re a realtor that manages rental properties, a property management team, or property managers of apartment complexes, having a dependable and professional junk removal company at your disposal can help keep rentals flowing. Unfortunately, many rental properties experience the tenant that leaves their mess behind upon vacating.

Whether it’s furniture removal, mattress removal, appliance removal, or even hot tub removal, we can assist you with unit clean-outs at any time of day. While some articles can be recycled or resold, most real estate agents don’t want to or have the time or tools to sift through the remnants — let alone do the junk removal themselves.

Fortunately, our commercial junk removal services do. So even if you’re faced with a few items, like a trashed couch or other clutter, we’re happy to help. Simply call and schedule services for a curbside pickup.

Hiring a Professional Orange County Junk removal Service

At WCPM, our team of junk removal clean outs experts and professionals arrive on time and complete commercial junk removal thoroughly and correctly.

The bottom line is that our business can help you with everything from junk disposal, storage unit clean-outs, to recycling solutions. And what’s more, you may be surprised at just how affordable our commercial junk removal services can be. Call WCPM for an estimate or book us online today.

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Why are junk removal services important?

They keep properties safe and clean, providing a better environment for tenants and customers.

What type of junk removal services do you offer?

All types: junk hauling, homeless encampments, oversized items, etc. We can do it all whether it’s an office, construction site, backyard, and more.

How much does junk removal cost?

This is typically based on hourly rates and dump fees.

What are the main benefits of junk removal services?

We can keep the place looking clean, tidy, and free of clutter. This can help to improve the overall aesthetic of the home or business, making it more inviting and pleasant to be in. Additionally, it can help to improve air quality, as the removal of unwanted items can reduce dust particles and build-up; making the air cleaner.

High Quality Property Maintenance

Not only will you be impressed, but your clients, guests, and tenants will know the WCPM difference! From San Diego to North and LA and all in between, we will be here for your needs.

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#1 in Property Maintenance Services

West Coast Property Maintenance is your #1 choice for your commercial property maintenance needs, specializing in pressure washing and window cleaning. Serving all of Southern California, we offer a variety of professional services. We believe that quality speaks for itself, and we always keep customer’s costs in mind. Whatever your need, we will take care of you!


Top Notch Staff and Equipment

WCPM staff is trained, certified and knowledgeable in all areas of maintenance and cleaning. Our team is professional, thorough and efficient. We take pride in our equipment and only use the most advanced technology on the market. The commercial-grade equipment is always up-to-date and has the power to do any property maintenance job with quality and precision.


Always Exceeding Expectations

At West Coast Property Maintenance we go the extra mile for you! Leave the details to us, and we will give you the stunning results you deserve! You will see the difference after we have serviced your property!