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Window Cleaning Silver Lake - Get Dirt and Streak-Free Windows

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Silver Lake is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles known for being hip and trendy. Sometimes called the “Brooklyn of Los Angeles”, Silver Lake has a lot cozier atmosphere than the rest of the city, offering a refreshing contrast to LA’s busy streets.

Since the 1990s, Silver Lake has become the center for alternative and indie rock in LA. Today, the neighborhood still maintains a strong sense of identity, making it a top spot for anyone looking to enjoy hip bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Every year, people all over the country come to Silver Lake to participate in its 2 major street festivals, the Jubilee Music and Arts Festival, previously known as Silver Lake Jubilee, held in May, and the Sunset Junction Street Fair held in August.

Because of the neighborhood’s strong identity as an alternative and indie rock center, it has often been featured in movies and TV shows. Additionally, many celebrities also now live in the neighborhood. But the city is also becoming increasingly popular for families and professionals given its proximity to Hollywood and Downtown LA but with the addition of incredible hilltop views and a rapidly growing dining scene.

A great way to experience the neighborhood’s trendiness is to walk down Sunset Junction, one of the busiest streets along Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Junction is lined with numerous boho-chic shops and bars enough to keep anyone occupied.

With so much to do in Silver Lake, West Coast Property Maintenance has been helping homeowners and establishments keep their Silver Lake properties looking spick and span for 13 years. With our top-notch window cleaning services, your property exterior will always stay clear and clean to welcome any guests.

Challenges to Self Cleaning for Windows

Any property, be it a home or a commercial establishment, needs to look good to make a memorable first impression. The appearance of a property affects the value of the property and impacts the experience of anyone who sees it and enters it.

Though it’s easy to get caught up with the upkeep of the roof, the garage, or the patio when maintaining a property, it’s a huge mistake to overlook your window. While they may seem like a trivial part of any property and people just take a squeegee and spritz some cleaning solution onto each window to get dirt out, this is not enough to remove stubborn stains from tree sap and pest droppings.

Not to mention, many homes and establishments are quite sizable, with windows in high areas. To clean these fixtures, one needs to rely on tall ladders for even the most simple wash. Add to that the elbow grease needed to scrub stains off, one is putting him/herself at risk of falling down.

In fact, more than 164,000 people are taken to the emergency room after falling from ladders every year and around 300 of these lead to deaths.

While window care may come to most property owners as an afterthought, their regular cleaning and maintenance is a must to keep your property looking good as new.

Why People Hire Professional Window Washers

Instead of getting a squeegee and using some homemade or store-bought cleaning solution to wipe your windows with, property owners hire professional window washers to avoid dealing with the dangers and hassle that come with cleaning these fixtures.

Our expert window washers have the proper safety and window cleaning equipment to help make sure they complete the job done safely and efficiently. They are also trained to use the equipment properly and can determine which solutions to use to get stains out. Additionally, if they’re experienced, they ought to examine window slides, screens, and shutters to help ensure there’s no pest problem.

Moreover, homeowners and business owners have a lot more pressing things to do than window cleaning. Hiring trusted window washers gives them the peace of mind that each and every window is going to be squeaky clean at a much shorter time than if they did it themselves. If you’re having visitors over to your property for some get-together or you have clients coming by, this is incredibly important.

WCPM Window Cleaning Services

At West Coast Property Maintenance, our window cleaners are trained to use safety and window cleaning equipment. They are also skilled in window washing and know the latest techniques that will ensure the job gets done right. Unlike using a squeegee and some solution, we use deionized water which provides you with a beautiful and pristine shine.

Additionally, our window washers are experienced at examining window sills, shutters, and screens. They look for any damage to the glass, rips in window screens, or rotting in wood. They also check for pest issues and will alert you before they become a huge problem.

With 13 years of experience, we know how to deliver the best window cleaning services. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, as well as great customer reviews from clients all over Orange County to vouch for our top-notch service quality.

Want to have streak-free squeaky clean windows in Silver Lake? Request a quote from West Coast Property Maintenance and get your free cleaning window service estimate today!

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