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Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking Sweeping Truck

West Coast Property Maintenance offers professional parking lot sweeping services with specialized equipment for all kinds of businesses. Businesses with drive-thrus contain a lot of vehicle traffic, creating wear and tear on the concrete, siding, and surrounding areas.

Drive-thrus can quickly get tarnished with all kinds of contaminants. Graffiti can be removed, in most cases, completely. (With some paint, faint shadowing may be visible.) Regular professional power sweeps keep your establishment effectively clean and safe for your customers. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual regular maintenance of the business exterior will keep it in tip-top shape. Keep your commercial property’s curb appeal top-notch!

Parking Lot Sweeping Services

West Coast Property Maintenance offers efficient sweeping services for commercial parking lots and pressure washing for parking garages.

Parking spaces are often dark, damp, and dirty, and WCPM can provide regular professional pressure sweeping services to keep your exterior property looking clean and safe from trip hazards. However, dirt and debris bed deep into concrete and can make it hard to remove with regular sweeping equipment.

WCPM power sweeping parking services can loosen gum, grime build-up, and more, ensuring customers are safe to walk into the establishment.

WCPM provides parking lot sweeping cleaning services for all kinds of establishments such as:

  • Hospital/Medical Buildings
  • Municipal Parking Lots
  • Parking Facilities
  • Shopping Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Strip Centers

Our West Coast Property Maintenance team also offers scheduled parking lot cleaning and garage cleaning that includes 7-day sweeping programs for retail businesses, indoor warehouses, and parking lot maintenance. Regular cleaning and daily lot sweeping helps to keep trash and debris off your property, and curb appeal is maintained. In addition, we run Night Hawk trucks with GPS tracking to give you up-to-date reviews of your property.

The Benefits of Power Sweeping

While the aesthetic benefit of a clean parking lot has an environmental impact, there are many more reasons to maintain this important piece of land. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of sweeping parking lots.

Capitalizes on the First Impression

What does your parking lot say about your business, office building, apartment building, or municipal street? Everything.
Customers, potential tenants, and visitors pull into a parking lot, get out of their vehicles, and look around the parking area first. Parking lot cleanliness is their first impression – and, if not maintained well, it may be their last.

For first-time visitors, dirty or disheveled parking surfaces with bits of discarded wrappers, cups, and trash lying around leaves the impression that this might not be such a safe neighborhood. They wonder if the stores are maintained with the same kind of care. If they’re tenants considering a rental, travelers looking for a room, or diners looking for a place to eat, you can bet that many will be moving on to your competitor down the street.

If you are leasing retail, restaurant, or office space, the maintenance of the parking lot may very well determine if a potential client chooses your company to do business with. Most professionals in the customer service industry understand all too well about first impressions and their fiscal impact.

Prevents Erosion and Increases Longevity of Asphalt

Dirt, gravel, sand, and oil collect on an uncleaned parking lot surface. Then, cars drive over the debris, grinding it into the pavement, which acts like an abrasive and quickly deteriorates the surface. Instead of a regular parking lot sweeping, you’re faced with serious upkeep or major overhauls.

Another common parking lot upkeep issue we see is lots that allow dirt buildup and crack formations. This will enable plants to start growing in the dirt and cracks, eventually producing roots that increase the teardown of cement and asphalt.

Commercial power sweeping is definitely more cost-effective than costly repairs of patching up paved surfaces.

Prevents Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Did you know that as many as 500 pedestrians and drivers die every year in parking spaces? While most of these are due to distracted drivers, there is a percentage of injuries caused by water buildup, potholes, and tripping hazards.

Parking lots that are not maintained also build up oil and grime, leaving slippery surfaces that result in potential slip-and-fall accidents.

Scheduling a regular parking lot sweeper keeps debris to a minimum and allows for adequate drainage. Protecting your customers with effective pothole repairs as well as your assets is a good business decision.

Promotes Environmental Health

Debris that’s left on our streets and parking garages may eventually be carried away by the rain and find its way into storm drains. These items then work their way into local waterways, including streams, lakes, and oceans.

Stormwater runoff has been shown to contain garbage, chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria. Fast food wrappers, styrofoam cups, and construction debris all make it into waterways. One study conducted in Santa Monica Bay found that people who swam in front of flowing storm drains were 50% more likely to develop specific symptoms.

A regularly scheduled sweeping service ensures that you and your company are doing all you can to minimize pollutants in stormwater and help create a better environment for both people and animals.

Prevents Rodent Infestation

Rats and mice search for food and shelter. Like other animals, it’s simply a part of their internal makeup. Unfortunately, a good place for them to find these things is in parking spaces and lots with discarded trash and holes that make for perfect hiding places.

These rodents nest, chew holes, scare customers, and create an unhealthy environment. Once they’ve established their territory, they are difficult to remove. So instead of regular parking lot sweeping or garage sweeping, you’re calling in the pest company for major pest removal applications.

So, how do you keep these problems from occurring? Simply schedule a regular commercial power sweeping.

The Recommended Schedule for Parking Lot Sweeping

Several factors determine the proper schedule for a parking lot sweeper. These include the type of businesses on the property and in the area, how the lot is maintained between sweeps, the condition of the pavement, and the number of trees in the area.

At WCPM, we are licensed and insured, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Also, we are happy to discuss options after taking a look at your property.

Why Should You Hire Us to Power Sweep Your Parking Lot?

Simply put, our management responds quickly. If you have a need that must be met in a short schedule, we can work with you to complete your timetable and get your parking areas looking great fast. We are locally owned and operated. Because of this, we give you the personal service and attention your business deserves.

If you’ve never looked into the parking lot sweeping and maintenance services, now is the time to do so. Investing in the right parking space sweeper will transform your parking area pavement overnight, resulting in thorough guest safety and potentially even increased customer retention.

West Coast Property Maintenance offers its commercial power sweeping services in Orange County, LA, and the surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal with top-notch cleaning equipment. To request quotes or estimates, or if you’d simply like more information about our parking lot sweeper services, call our team at WCPM today. West Coast Property Maintenance also offers other services, such as professional commercial junk removal services in Orange County, Los Angeles.

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What is a parking lot sweeper?

A large truck with a huge vacuum mounted on it.

How do you clean the parking lot?

We clean parking lots by driving a sweeper on a lot and vacuuming all the trash on the lot.

How much does it cost to sweep a parking lot?

Prices are based on hourly rates but vary with how big the lot is.

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