Safe and Easy Mattress Removal in Irvine

Jan 23, 2023

If you have no need for a mattress anymore, you’re probably wondering how you can get rid of it in the easiest way possible. Though it’s tempting to just dump your mattress in the nearest dumpster or landfill, doing so is not particularly safe or eco-friendly.

Safe and Easy Mattress Disposal Processes in Irvine

Mattresses are prone to insect infestations and may be exposed to communicable diseases. They may also be made of non-environmental safe materials, so leaving them just anywhere can be damaging to people and the environment.

Every state has its own regulations on waste disposal, and violating waste disposal protocols can land you with serious fines. Depending on the condition of your unwanted mattress, here are a few ways you can safely and easily dispose of it. 

Exchange it with your retailer

When you buy a new mattress, some retailers offer to take your old mattress off your hands for free. This exchange program may even get you a discount on your new mattress. Most retailers offer this service, so make sure to check with your retailer before you purchase a new mattress. 

Donate your mattress to charity

If you’re upgrading your mattress, and you want to dispose of a mattress that is still in usable condition, you can get rid of it by donating it to charity.

Contact your local charity shop and check whether they accept mattresses. Many of them do and even offer free collection services, so this is not only convenient but also cost-effective for you.

Below are some charities you can reach out to if you are considering donating your mattress.

Recycle your mattress

Mattresses are fantastic items that last a long time when taken care of. But no matter how much care you give your mattress, after a few years or decades, they begin to break down.

In such cases, you can have your mattress recycled. Over 500,000 mattresses are discarded in landfills in America every year. Not only do these mattresses take up valuable landfill space, they are also a waste of resources as mattresses have springs, cotton, and even wood, which can be recycled or repurposed.

These are free options for residential and commercial recycling of mattresses. In Irvine, you can choose between the Mattress Recycling Program or Bye Bye Mattress Program. Mattress Disposal in Costa Mesa is also covered by these options as well as other nearby cities. Just make sure to separate your mattress from all other waste if you wish to have them recycled.

The Mattress Recycling Program is created by Orange County Waste and Recycling and the Mattress Recycling Council. The orange county mattress disposal program instructs people on how to handle their mattresses so that these can be recycled or repurposed. This service is completely free, and the program even offers to pick up your mattress.

Meanwhile, there’s the Bye Bye Mattress Program, another mattress recycling program conducted by the Mattress Recycling Council. This program converts old mattresses into new products by reusing the springs, filling, and other materials. To encourage people to participate in the program, some of the program’s drop off locations even give monetary incentives.

Hire junk removal services

If your mattress is infested with parasites or has been exposed to contagious disease, it’s very dangerous to leave it anywhere and it most certainly should not be donated or recycled.

In such situations, you can hire commercial junk removal services. Junk hauling companies have the manpower to easily carry all types of junk, including your unwanted mattress. And if your mattress has pests or communicable disease, junk haulers know how to properly handle it and dispose of it.

Junk haulers may seal your infected mattress and disinfect it once they take it away. Though they may recycle most mattresses themselves or bring it to a recycling center like those mentioned above, they will separate infested mattresses and bring them to a land fill where hazardous wastes are disposed off properly.

Work With Our Commercial Junk Removal Services

Though you can easily coordinate with non-profit organizations or local recycling centers to dispose of your mattresses used at home, it may not be the most convenient option, especially if you are running a business and occasionally need to dispose of a bunch of mattresses.

In such cases, you can hire commercial junk removal services. At West Coast Property Maintenance, our commercial junk removal service is always on time and we always get the job done thoroughly and correctly. With over 13 years of delivering an excellent property maintenance service, you can trust us to take the hassle out of dealing with your mattresses, whether they need to be properly disposed of or recycled.

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