How Do You Clean an Apartment Window in 3 Easy and Effective Ways?

Feb 21, 2022

For building managers, commercial or residential window cleaning is an essential part of regular upkeep to have the exterior windows cleaned thoroughly. This ensures that the building looks beautiful to those passing by or coming in. This cleaning process also helps maintain a high-quality life for the building’s many residents.

This article is for anyone who manages an apartment complex or residential building, or anyone who owns or lives in an apartment and has personal responsibility for its maintenance.

Depending on the size and height of the apartment building, it is not always an option to clean the windows yourself. Even for smaller buildings, it may not be an ideal choice to try to do this work yourself. It may seem like simple work, but in reality, you risk injuring yourself and also spending countless hours working away only to end up with substandard results—with streaks and lines running down every window. No one is happy with any of those results!

So what are the options available to you? The best thing you can do is hire a professional company that specializes in both commercial and residential window cleaning. This is the right decision for nearly everyone for a number of reasons.

Below you will find our top three reasons hiring a professional team will make your life so much easier! 

1. You Will Save Yourself So Much Time

Hiring a professional team is the easiest and most effective way to have sparkling clean windows by the end of the day.

We have heard countless stories from our customers about how they once tried to clean their building’s windows themselves, how much time it required, and the physical struggle to complete. This is because they likely did not have the right equipment and training to get the job done.

2. Safe Window Cleaning

Keeping yourself safe from injury and harm should always be the first priority. Windows in apartment buildings can be very high up–even if this is only a single or two-floor building. When attempting to clean them, you may have to stretch yourself into strange or dangerous positions in order to reach the corners of the window.

This is such a risky thing to do and can result in serious injuries from falls or even torn or damaged muscles. To avoid such events, it is essential to hire professionals who have special equipment that allows them to clean the tough to reach spots without putting anyone in harm’s way.

They will also ensure that the windows themselves are kept safe from any unintentional damage or scratches.

3. Find a Team that Can Do It All

Maybe you have had your windows cleaned before and everything looks fine on the outside but when you are going about your day, you’ve noticed that the windows do not gleam as they should. This is likely because someone forgot about cleaning the inside of the windows too, which is an essential step that should never be skipped or overlooked!

When hiring a commercial or residential window cleaning company, you should always look for a team that has the training and capacity to perform the process on both the outside and inside of the apartment’s windows.

This is the only way to ensure that windows are left completely clean and gleaming. The benefits of this are not only aesthetic. The quality of life for residents will also go up exponentially. Better access to sunlight and views are known ways to lower stress and anxiety levels and also make the living space appear larger overall.

Some building managers will not be able to arrange for indoor window cleaning to all apartments. So, it may be helpful to pass on some tips for window cleaning that residents may consider to keep their own windows looking good.

  • Use the right tools – in order to make sure you do not leave unsightly soap and streak marks on the window, you will need certain cleaning tools. We would recommend using dish soap, a sponge or scrubber, and finally a microfiber cloth that is lint-free to prevent shedding on the clean surface. 
  • Wash and squeegee – most people forget that after they wash the window, using a squeegee is essential. This ensures that the water is effectively removed and watermarks are prevented from forming, leaving a clear surface behind.
  • Wipe dry – once you have washed and squeegeed the window clean, you should use the microfiber cloth to remove any lingering bits of water that remain. This will create the best results possible for a DIY job.

Hire a Commercial Window Cleaning Service for Your Building

If you want to save time and avoid unwanted trips to the ER, it is highly suggested that your hire a commercial window cleaning service that can ensure a spotless and clean window for you at the end of the day.

Our team will arrive at the property ready and equipped with all the right techniques and tools to get the job done in an efficient and very effective way. To learn more about our service, contact us at West Coast Property Maintenance today!

Joe Flexen

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