How Do You Dispose of a Desk Chair and Have it Recycled?

Jan 23, 2023

Whether you’re redecorating your office or you need more space, getting rid of a desk chair is no easy task. One cannot simply leave unwanted furniture in the corner of the street or leave it in the trash for waste management to pick up, you will need the help of professional commercial junk removal services.

Desk Chair/Office Chair Disposal Options

When people have unwanted furniture such as desk chairs, the first option is always to donate it to a shelter, charity, or non-profit organization that is willing to take it. A lot of people have been practicing this, an unfortunate outcome is over-saturation.

This made walking in and donating used desk chairs more difficult, as one is required to schedule an appointment. Furthermore, donations that are in less than pristine conditions are typically rejected.

Another convenient option is to have unwanted desks or chairs picked up by waste management and dumped in the landfill. Unfortunately, this means that all the metal and reusable parts of the chair like boards and upholstery will be left to decompose over a really long period, during which, they emit chemicals and harm the environment.

Instead of doing that, one can also dispose of their desk chairs and have it recycled or repurposed. This can be done personally when there’s only one desk chair to dispose of. But if you’re getting rid of several desk chairs, a great option to consider is hiring commercial junk haulers.

Hire Junk Haulers

A huge challenge when getting rid of your desk chair involves determining how it can be recycled instead of simply being sent to the landfill and contributing to the world’s growing waste problem.

Another challenge involves logistics, how to actually move your desk chairs out of your place. Whether you have a handful of desk chairs or a truckload of them to dispose of, consider letting the professionals do the work for you!

One chair to get rid of is enough headache. Imagine the time and effort it would take one person to dispose of a handful or a dozen more!

Hiring professionals who offer commercial junk removal services will not only ensure people take the desk chairs and clear your space, this will also guarantee that your unwanted items are dealt with in a sustainable manner.

Desk chairs typically have many metal parts which can be recycled. Also, depending on the material and condition of your chair, it may not be reused and will have to be taken apart to have its parts recycled.

Whether it’s the former or the latter, professional junk haulers know what to do! 

How Desk Chairs Get Recycled

There are many types of desk chairs, and there are also several ways to recycle them. After haulers pick them up, they will carefully inspect them. If they’re still in great condition, haulers can have them reused or donated. But if they’re not in the best condition, they may be crushed and bailed, or they may be taken apart and have different parts recycled in different ways.

Most desk chairs are a combination of plastic, metal, wood, and fabric. Once a desk chair for recycling is taken apart, all the different bits are segregated. Doing so takes a lot of work. Junk haulers usually do this process, or they have a partner who does this after they haul away office furniture.

Different parts of the chair undergo different recycling processes. The metal is usually melted and used to create new metal material. The wood, if it’s real wood, can be reused or made into mulch, and if it’s compressed already, then it will likely be sent to a landfill to decompose. As for fabric, it is often taken apart and sent to the incinerator to help generate electricity.

Meanwhile, the plastic may or may not be reused depending on its material and size. With more and more businesses and non-profits reusing plastics, there’s a high likelihood that most of the plastic can be reused instead of ending up in a landfill. Some materials that are often created from recycled plastic include bottles, fabric, packing materials, plastic pellets, and so on.

Commercial Junk Removal Services

Don’t waste time recycling your desk chair or any furniture. Hire commercial junk removal services and rest assured that they will deal with your unwanted furniture in the best way possible.

Whether this means having them reused or donated, or taking them apart for recycling, professional junk removal companies know what to do!

At West Coast Property Maintenance, we have experienced professionals who will come to your place and do office, warehouse, or storage cleanout. We can come to pick stuff up during the day or during off hours to avoid disrupting day to day operations.

If you’re looking to clear your space of unwanted furniture, we can get the job done seamlessly for you. To learn more about how our commercial junk removal or property maintenance services, contact us at 714-898-8026 at West Coast Property Maintenance today!

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