How Do You Squeegee a Window Without Streaks and Keep it Crystal Clear?

Jul 21, 2022

The windows are gateways into our homes or stores. Whether you’re trying to relax and look out the window or you’re trying to attract customers with your wares through the window, you always want a crystal clear window for the best results.

But if you have any windows at all, you would know how easily they get dirty. From dust and buildup to tree sap and bird and insect droppings, windows are continuously assaulted and in need of cleaning.

The most common way people clean windows is with a squeegee and some cleaning solution. Cleaning windows using these store bought tools looks simple enough to do; however, if you’ve tried this at all, you’d have probably gotten streaks.

Getting a streaky window after cleaning with a squeegee is a common problem for most people. Check out the below tips on how to avoid streaks and have a crystal clear window after cleaning with a squeegee.

Use a squeegee with a sharp rubber blade

Unlike rugs or any other fabric window cleaners, squeegees are fitted with non-absorbent rubber blades. Instead of absorbing water to wick it off the window, a squeegee moves the water aside with its rubber blade, leaving behind a crystal clear surface.

However, if the rubber blade becomes blunt, nicked, or sliced, this will interfere with the squeegee’s ability to thoroughly remove water from the window. The result is a splotchy or streaky window.

To avoid this, always store your squeegee with the blade up and make sure nothing touches the rubber blade. Also, try to buy squeegee rubber blades in twos or threes, just in case you need replacement.

Choose the right cleaning solution

The reason why a window looks streaky after cleaning is because water dried unevenly on its surface. Using a squeegee properly should prevent that, however, no matter how well you use a squeegee, there will be streaks on your window if the water evaporates too quickly. This can happen if you use a cleaning solution containing alcohol or ammonia.

Though alcohol and ammonia may sound like great cleaning ingredients due to their disinfecting ability, they also dry very quickly and cause streaky windows. Therefore, you want to look for cleaning solutions that are water based and are alcohol or ammonia free. You can also make your own cleaning solution by mixing water with some vinegar. 

Rinse with clean water 

To avoid having streaks on your window, you should rinse the window after swiping with a squeegee. Use clean and soft water when you do this, and make sure to coat the window with water evenly to promote even drying.

Start from the top and move down

Squeegees move water around. When you clean the window, you want to move the squeegee from top to bottom as you wipe so that you are directing the dirty water away from the already cleaned surface. This prevents the dirty water from getting onto cleaned areas and helps ensure a more even cleanse, which prevents streaking.

Wipe the squeegee between swipes

A common mistake many make when cleaning windows using a squeegee is having too much water or cleaning solution. When there’s too much water or cleaning solution used, it will accumulate on the rubber blade of the squeegee. If you go over the window with it, you are bound to leave behind traces of moisture, which will result in streaks afterwards.

To avoid this problem, always keep a cleaning rug or microfiber cloth on hand. Wipe the squeegee with the rug or cloth between each swipe on the window. This ensures that the squeegee can have a very close cleanse and leaves behind little to no moisture on the windows, eliminating streaks altogether.

Don’t leave any drips on the window

Streaks result from water drying unevenly on window surfaces, so you must never leave behind any drips or moist areas after wiping a window down with a squeegee. Always go over the window once again after you are done cleaning it to check if there are any drips you missed. Drips are easy to overlook, especially in the edges and corners of a window.

Avoid cleaning windows in extreme temperatures

Even if you follow all the tips above, you can still have a streaky window if the weather is not working in your favor. Temperature influences how quickly water dries on the surface of a window. 

Furthermore, using hot water to clean your windows when it’s freezing outside may even cause cracks. You’ll want to schedule your window cleaning session for days when the weather is not extreme.

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Knowing your way around a squeegee can take some time. If you have no time to spare and you want crystal clean windows now, you can hire professional window washers who specialize in commercial window cleaning or residential window cleaning.

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