How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Window for Commercial Buildings in 2021?

Sep 14, 2022

While windows are some of the first things customers see when they visit your store, these fixtures are typically the dirtiest part of your facade. Simply put, these are details we see every day but never pay attention to.

Dirty windows, however, can lead to severe problems for businesses due to reduced visibility and poor aesthetics. As such, we decided to create a brief guide on how much it costs to clean windows for commercial buildings in 2021 to show you the importance of paying attention to this aspect of your business.

Understanding the Cost of Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Many considerations determine the cost of window washing services, and every commercial property will have unique circumstances.

Some of these have been discussed below to enable you to make an informed choice.

Number of Windows

When determining the cost of window cleaning, more windows equates to higher prices. There are various reasons for this; the most significant factor is that each additional window adds more time to the job.

The process of measuring the height and width of each window, and then multiplying by two is not something that you need to do yourself. West Coast Property Maintenance Inc. will give you an accurate quote based on the number of windows you have with no hassle on your part.

Numbers of Floors

Window cleaning prices vary depending on the height of your building. Taller buildings require more time and equipment to clean. This carries a higher price tag, but don’t despair! Many services can provide a few different pricing options depending on the height of your building.

Just as the number of windows you have on each story of your building influences your glass cleaning costs, factors such as window size and outdoor coverage, the risk involved, the cleaning method, and surface preparation will affect costs too.

When calculating window cleaning prices, buildings are divided into three categories:

  • Multi-level buildings: Buildings with fewer than three floors.
  • Mid-rise buildings: Buildings ranging from four to six stories tall.
  • High-rise buildings: Structures of seven or more floors tall.

Any work above the third floor will require additional safety precautions, therefore, increasing your cost significantly.

Understanding the limitations of a window cleaning services’ ability to clean large or high-rise windows is imperative. Several services do not provide consistent exterior window cleaning unless there are less than five floors.

If you are looking for a service to complete high-rise window cleaning, pinpointing these limitations can save you time and money.

Location of Building

What does geography have to do with the price of window washing? Quite a lot. The more people that walk by your windows and even drive-by, the greater chance you have for someone to notice dirty glass.

Traffic plays a crucial role in how often you need to clean your windows. In highly populated areas, glass is bound to get filthy faster than in residential areas.


No two climates are the same. Climate plays a significant role in determining the frequency and price of cleanings needed to keep your windows clean and prevent streaking.

If you reside in an area known for snow, it1 can build up on your windows over time, causing them to require more frequent cleanings. Additionally, if you reside in a city surrounded by trees and plants, this foliage will start collecting on your exterior glass surfaces.

Type of Building

When it comes to determining the cost of window washing, the type of business you own plays a crucial role. If you want your windows cleaned regularly but are frustrated by high costs, you need to understand your industry.

The nature and purpose of businesses vary, so in turn, their needs and requirements for commercial cleaning also differ. For example, if you run a hospital, you would need to clean your exterior windows regularly because they get dirty quickly.

Building Design

Beyond the obvious number of windows in your building, the architecture can determine how much time we spend cleaning them. Single pane glass is not as involved compared to multiple panes or picture windows.

Some buildings have tiny windows high off the ground requiring scaffolding or a high-reach machine. We also consider hidden areas like awnings, rain gutters, and sidewalk signs and fixtures.

Get a Quote Today!

With the information above, you should be able to determine what a fair price is for commercial window washing in your area.

That said, a pro can do in one day what might take you two or three days throughout the month. This alone will most likely justify commercial window pricing premium that you have to pay for a competent window washer.

We love to help our clients keep their buildings looking clean and beautiful. There’s no telling what kind of messes pile up inside windows or how much refuse can collect on building ledges. 

Having the professionals at West Coast Property Maintenance Inc. handle your window washing services makes it easy to maintain pristine appearances while keeping your employees and visitors safe from harm.

At West Coast Property Maintenance Inc., we’ll make sure that you get top-of-the-line services whenever you need us, and we’ll be there with a smile on our faces!

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