How Much Does it Cost to Clean Inside and Outside Windows of a Commercial and Residential Property?

Jan 24, 2022

Many people take pride in maintaining a clean and beautiful home or business property. Even if the building itself is new, it can take a deceptive amount of work, time, and attention to keep them gleaming clean. Residential and commercial window cleaning services can help you maintain a pristine-looking property.

One key piece of maintenance is window cleaning, which improves both the aesthetic looks of the building as well as one’s ability to enjoy the space.

If you want to introduce window cleaning into your home or business property’s maintenance plan, you may have some questions and be unsure of where to start.

To understand what having your windows professionally cleaned may cost as well as information on benefits and processes, keep reading.

How Much Does Professional Windowing Cleaning Cost?

Ultimately the cost to have either a residential property or a commercial property’s windows cleaned will depend on the size of the property and, importantly, the number of windows that require cleaning.

Many companies will base their prices on a per-window basis, but the size and type of property will factor into what that per window cost is.

For instance, an apartment that has ten windows may cost less than a house that also has ten windows. The size of the windows themselves may also be factored in as a bathroom window will naturally take less time and effort than floor-to-ceiling windows.

However, there are some additional things that you should bear in mind that may affect how much you will pay.

For example, the type of window or glass may need to be factored in, especially for historical glass or glass that has been specially designed or textured. The professional may be hesitant to use a standard cleaner and equipment on these types of surfaces and opt for more sensitive or gentle detergents.

Commercial properties will also naturally be more time-consuming for the cleaner to wash. This results in a higher price. Usually, commercial buildings are much larger, often with multiple stories, and the windows themselves are larger. The price will reflect these additional challenges.

The price will also increase if you opt to have the interior of the window cleaned as well as the exterior. This essentially doubles the number of surfaces that need to be cleaned and therefore increases the time and effort spent on the property.

You should be able to request a free quote from the cleaning company. They will be able to explain to you their prices and services in a detailed and transparent way so that you can better understand the cost breakdown.

Why You Should Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Many people believe that they can simply wash their windows themselves and will have a home that looks bright and clean.

However, if you are not a professional, there is a good chance that your home’s windows will end up with big water and soap streaks running through them, which can interrupt the enjoyment of your day.

Instead, opt for a professional team that knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to washing all types of windows. You will end up with not only gleaming and clean windows but also some of the following great benefits:

Better Quality of Life

You might not realize just how dramatic the difference in your daily life is until you have your windows professionally cleaned.

Being able to look outside for a bit of nature and a change of scenery can be incredibly relaxing and freeing when life is otherwise stressful.

Having a clear view of the world can boost your mood and make you feel better without you evening realizing it.

Time saver

A huge benefit to hiring WCPM to clean your windows is the time you will end up saving by not attempting to wash them yourself! Depending on the number of windows you have and where they are located, you could spend a day washing them only to be left with disappointing results. It is much better to hire a professional team that will get the work done efficiently and to the highest standard.


This benefit is especially true when it comes to commercial buildings. It simply is not safe to attempt to clean windows on higher floors and you may not even be able to adequately open which can cause physical strain.

Do not risk your personal safety when affordable and trained professionals can do the work for you.

Get Professional Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning Service

If you are interested in learning more about the services that we can provide, like commercial or residential window cleaning, just give a member of our team a call today.

Our team of experts will be able to explain both the prices and the services available to you. Contact us at West Coast Property Maintenance today!

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