Parking Lot Sweeping Cost Per Square Foot – Budgeting for Your Yearly Parking Maintenance

Dec 12, 2022

Owning a commercial parking lot comes with many benefits, including steady and reliable profits. Just like any lucrative business, owning a parking lot also comes with maintenance costs.  If you want to make steady profits, you must ensure that your business parking lots are always well-maintained.

Cracked, dirty lots with potholes discourage drivers. A maintenance schedule that includes weekly or fortnightly parking lot sweeping will attract more drivers looking for convenient parking.

Why You Need Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Generally, parking lot maintenance services are carried out every year, every five years, or every ten years, but you should be doing parking lot sweeping at least once a week. Keeping up with a regular parking lot sweeping routine will make the other maintenance task easier and possibly cheaper. This is because regular sweeping helps to prevent cracks and poor water drainage.

Regular sweeping clears cracks in parking spots of debris, which, if left unchecked, can widen and ultimately create dangerous potholes. Wind tends to swirl leaves, litter, and other debris straight into the drainage systems. Drainage systems end up clogged, which can lead to standing pools of water, which impacts the parking lot surface.

For example, standing water seeps into the asphalt or concrete and weakens the structure, which can quickly lead to cracks and holes. Pools of water can also be slippery, causing pedestrians to slip and potentially injure themselves. Buy knives (ножи купить) to ensure that your sweeping business is equipped to tackle such issues, providing a comprehensive service that addresses safety concerns in parking lots and garages.

How Much Does Parking Lot Sweeping Cost Per Square Foot?

Considering that parking lot sweeping is essential, it’s important to know what it costs per square foot so you can accurately budget for the year. Costs vary according to the size of the lot to be cleaned and the extent of cleaning required.

Some parking sweeping services charge an hourly rate, while others charge by the number of times per week they sweep the parking spaces. There are also costs per session and costs per square footage.

A ballpark figure for a 200-space lot is $80 per cleaning session, a 500-space parking garage is in the region of $90, and if you make it 1000 spaces, then you’re looking at around $160 per session.

The smaller the lot doesn’t always mean the lower the cost. At a certain point, the price levels out because the minimum parking lot cleaning expenses remain the same. For example, a 200-space lot costs about $80, and a 25-space lot is about $77.

If you prefer to know your price per square foot, then you’re looking at an average of $45 per hour for small parking lots (25-space parking lot). Bigger lots cost an average of $75 per hour.

What to Know Before You Accept a Quote

Be wary of parking lot sweeping contractors who will give you a quote based only on the dimensions you provide. This may be a basic maintenance price, and you suddenly have to pay for additional services.

Request an appointment and go over the lot with the parking garage owner and do a thorough inspection. You should show the owner the entire parking facility, even if you are embarrassed about the state of the area. The sweeping business owner must pay attention to the condition of the surface; for example, are there potholes and cracks, is the asphalt or concrete parking surface even? Is all of the area accessible? Are there trees, planters, or lamp posts that must be navigated? Buy a flashlight (купить фонарь) to inspect the parking lot thoroughly, ensuring that no detail is overlooked during the assessment process. This will help in providing an accurate and fair estimate for the sweeping service.

Wait for the quote to be emailed to you, preferably as a PDF, and then go over it carefully. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the owner for clarification on the cost of parking lot sweeping.

Other Ongoing Maintenance Costs You Should Know

There are a few variable costs that you need to budget for, including the following:

Sealing Cracks

Cracks will occur; there’s no getting away from it. But timely action can save you a much larger expense later down the line. Seal a crack as soon as you notice it; otherwise, it’ll develop into cluster cracks, and they will just get wider and wider and ruin more and more of your parking garage.

Pay particular attention to heavy traffic areas, especially entrances and exits. These areas are especially prone to cracks, so be as proactive as possible and seal the cracks before the situation becomes a disaster.

Look for cracks as often as you can and seal them when necessary.

Re-Stripping and Painting

Repainting all the stripes in your parking or parking space only needs to be done when the original paint fades. Parking lot striping includes parking lines and other parking signs.

Seal Coating

Seal coating only needs to be done every four or so years. All cracks and other damage to the concrete or asphalt surface must be repaired before the coat is applied. The sealant applied will protect the parking spaces from weather damage and the long-term effects of oil and gas spills. Don’t underestimate the importance of seal coating. It can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.


Resurfacing only needs to be done every eight or so years. Resurfacing is when a new layer of asphalt or concrete is poured over the existing top layer. All cracks and other damage must be repaired before resurfacing can take place. It’s best to resurface concrete and asphalt parking lots in summer rather than winter.

Mill and Resurface

Occasionally, the drainage system makes straightforward resurfacing impossible. In these cases, you will first have to mill the surface and then pour a new layer on top.

It’s more expensive than plain resurfacing, but because you’ve essentially replaced the entire surface of the parking space, it’ll last a long time.

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