The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Aug 3, 2022

When it comes to cleaning things, including our homes and offices, few things are better than the mighty power of water. As technology and home/business design have evolved, we’ve found that pressure washing has become a much more common way to clean things than brooms, mops, or buckets are these days. 

If you’re looking to pressure wash your home or commercial property, you could be wondering: “What is the difference between residential pressure washing and commercial pressure washing?” After all, they require similar services. There are a couple of crucial differences between the two, however.

Here are the crucial differences to consider when choosing between a residential pressure washing service and a commercial pressure washing service.

Expectations of Service

In general, expectations of service are ultimately the same for residential and commercial services. It’s just that commercial cleaning services expect a little bit more than residential customers do since they’re on an overall bigger stage.

While both parties are generally hoping to get their money’s worth and create a lasting relationship with the business they hire, those who run commercial cleaning services are under more scrutiny by their clients. Because of this, they’re expected to come through in the end, while not sacrificing excellence or quality.

Residential cleaning services expect their cleaning businesses to be professional, while they still want the service done to their satisfaction on a personal level. Residential pressure washing is considered more personal and tailored to individual client needs.

Frequency of Cleaning

Frequency of cleaning is one area where there’s a clear and major difference between residential and commercial pressure washing services.

Residential clients typically contact pressure cleaning companies to clean their homes every few months, while commercial clients have structure maintenance service plans in place, so they’ll probably clean more frequently than residential clients.


Residential and commercial pressure washing customers have their own set of wants and demands. Commercial pressure washing services are generally offered on the weekends or during nighttime.

The commercial pressure washing service is usually booked by the managers and cleaning personnel, both of whom have full-time schedules to keep up with. Residential services, however, are offered during regular business hours and are often dependent upon the client’s schedule.

Such timings would be offered by professional power washing companies at competitive prices.

Protective Gear

The most experienced pressure washing companies will have both residential and commercial services to offer. To provide customers with the best possible service, they have to have the right protective gear, including uniforms and other forms of protective clothing.

There are huge differences between the protective gear for residential and commercial pressure cleaning services. Since residential service does not require the same amount of risk as a commercial service, there is no need for the same kind of heavy-duty protective equipment.


When comparing prices between residential and commercial pressure washing services, it’s imperative to understand the difference in how the costs are calculated. In-home services can be more straightforward; usually, the price is related to how big of a job you need doing and the number of visits necessary.

Commercial services need an interactive contract that acts as a contract and insurance (for both parties) application all in one. Because commercial jobs tend to be larger, scope out the pricing ahead of time. This helps you know what to expect and won’t have any surprises along the way.


The experience level of the pressure cleaner is different between these two options. For most residential cleaning jobs, little experience is needed. Commercial cleaning requires more staff experience since it requires heavy machinery and a higher-risk level for injury due to the types of materials being cleaned.

Chemicals and Equipment

All professional pressure cleaning service providers should be equipped with the ideal equipment and chemicals to ensure a complete job. Not all pressure cleaning equipment is created equal. Residential and commercial pressure washers are designed for different applications and are built to withstand the demands of their operation.

Commercial pressure cleaning requires commercial-grade detergents, while residential cleaning requires options safe for your siding or deck and kids and pets. Each type of pressure cleaning requires a thorough knowledge of how to operate each option correctly and safely.

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