Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Building Wash Services

Feb 4, 2022

Anyone who manages a commercial building knows just how much upkeep they really require. Ensuring that large and small commercial buildings are kept looking clean, tidy, and inviting is a year-round responsibility that takes keen attention to detail and an eye for perfection. Partnering with a commercial pressure washing company can get the job done seamlessly.

When it comes to building maintenance, it is essential that you hire the right commercial building wash company. Choosing a reliable building cleaning business that will provide high-quality services in a dependable and thorough way can sometimes be challenging. However, if you know what to look for, you can find the perfect company for your building. 

There are commercial pressure cleaning services that can be tailored to your precise and unique needs, which means custom schedules, cleaning and washing services, and an in-depth understanding of what your building could use more of in terms of extra maintenance. 

Keep reading to find out how you can be sure that you are hiring the right company for your commercial building washing needs. You’ll find our top three tips and tricks below.

1. Choose a Company that Can Handle Your Needs

Depending on the size of your commercial building, you will likely have multiple maintenance periods and washing jobs that need to be done.

It will make your life a lot easier if you can hire one reputable and well-respected company to handle multiple, if not all, of your maintenance and cleaning needs.

Some of the most popular washing services a trusted company provide are:

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing is an absolute must for pretty much every commercial building. It is an incredibly effective and efficient form of washing a variety of areas, including storefronts and pavements, it can even be a great choice for some parking lot spaces. 

Some people opt to buy a pressure washer to use periodically themselves, but these devices have nothing on a professional pressure washing team. These teams have commercial equipment and have been trained to use it for maximum effect. What is more, professional pressure washing does not only use water. Instead, they use a special detergent to thoroughly and properly clean any surface.

It is important to hire a good company for pressure washing to ensure that surfaces are left completely clean and that the team knows how to use the equipment without risking injury or damage to any glass or building. 

Parking Lot Maintenance

Many commercial buildings come with park lots attached, which require additional maintenance and regular cleaning. They have their own sets of needs and challenges, such as graffiti, vermin, and a quick build-up of trash and debris.

To ensure that parking lots stay clean and look inviting for those driving by, a professional cleaning team is the best way to go.

You should look for a company that can work around your needs, which means coming by and cleaning as often as needed. They should also have access to modern equipment, such as specialized cleaning vehicles which make the work much more efficient so your parking lot always looks its best.

Window Washing

This is another essential cleaning service that your maintenance or washing company should have. Windows naturally acquire dirt and scuff marks over time, but it is essential for a successful building to be kept tidy and clean.

Not only will customers or clients be more willing to step into the shop if it is clean and looking sparkling, but for those working inside the building, clean windows can have a really positive effect on their working environment and even promote productivity. 

2. Evaluation Services

If you are not quite sure what your building needs, it helps to hire a company that will visit your site and evaluates its current state and maintenance needs. Usually, this is accompanied by a free price quote.

This will help you better understand industry standards and make an informed choice about what services you need and can also budget for. Transparent pricing and thorough evaluations are provided by businesses that respect their clients and want to provide the best services possible. 

3. Read Reviews

Another great way to know you are hiring the right company is to go online and read some reviews. You can learn so much from reading about other people’s experience with building washing companies and the services they provide as well as their track record with customer service.

It may also be helpful to reach out to other businesses in your local area. You can hear firsthand about their experiences with companies. Word of mouth is very important when it comes to hiring a company that you know you can trust and rely on to provide the best possible services.

Work with a Reputable Commercial Pressure Washing Company

Keeping your commercial building in a pristine condition is not an easy feat, but with a help of a trusted and experienced commercial pressure washing company that can tailor its services to meet your needs is the key.

We offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for both residential and commercial buildings. To learn more about our commercial pressure washing services, contact us at 714-898-8026 at West Coast Property Maintenance today!

Joe Flexen

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