What Does a Parking Lot Sweeper Do and 6 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaners

Oct 17, 2022

Most businesses keep a clean front and facade—and while your display can make a good first impression, the state of your parking lot can either boost or break this impression.

As clean as your storefront is, an unkempt parking lot is bound to leave a lasting negative impression on your clients. Not to mention, the state of your parking lot can also be indicative of how your establishment is run.

To make the best possible impression on your customers, a parking lot should be swept clean, be free of litter, and have even pavement so that people can easily walk to and from their cars. There are many ways to keep your parking lot clean and well-maintained, one of them is by using a parking lot sweeper. 

What Does A Parking Lot Cleaners Do?

A parking lot sweeper is a professional grade truck-like equipment designed to sweep the grounds in your parking lot to help ensure your parking area is clean and tidy.

Despite their name, parking lot cleaners do much more than sweep dirt from one place to another. As technology become more sophisticated, parking lot sweepers have become capable of picking up fine debris as well as handling hazardous waste. Some are also equipped to use liquids for power washing away stubborn buildup or unsightly graffiti.

Not to mention, some parking lot sweepers now come with specialized detectors to alert the operator of pedestrians, vehicles, and other objects to avoid potential accidents.

6 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaners

Though a parking lot sweeper sounds like a great investment to keep your parking lot clean, it is not always economical. With you running a business, hiring a full time staff who is trained to operate a parking lot sweeper can be costly.

Furthermore, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a parking lot sweeper itself can amount to a hefty sum over time. This is especially true for businesses that only need to maintain one parking lot.

Most businesses just don’t need to have their own parking lot sweeper, but every business does need to have a clean parking lot. Check out why businesses hire professional cleaners rather than investing in a professional parking cleaner and having a full time staff to operate it.

1. Save on time and costs

One of the biggest reasons to hire professional cleaners to do your parking lot sweeping is to save on costs. Though doing things yourself may sound like a great way to cut costs, the amount of time it would take for you to learn how to operate a parking lot sweeper or use an alternative method that gets the job done effectively is not worth it when you can be running your business instead.

As such, hiring professional cleaners saves you the time, effort, and money. Additionally, because professional cleaners get the job done well, this keeps your parking lot in good shape and prolongs the need for maintenance.

2. Make a lasting impression

Depending on the nature of your business, your customers may spend a longer or shorter time in your parking lot. Regardless, the parking lot is an integral part of your business and its state leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Hiring professional cleaners to keep your parking lot clean, litter free, and easy to drive through is always going to be good for business.

3. Discourage littering

Having litter around encourages people to litter. By hiring professional cleaners to keep your parking lot clean, you are discouraging people from littering and dirtying your property

4. Prevent erosion and thinning of asphalt

Though dirt may seem harmless, accumulation of dirt, debris, gravel, and oil can be incredibly abrasive and cause lasting damage on asphalt. Hiring professional cleaners to keep your parking lot clean prevents premature break down and thinning of the asphalt

5. Promote public safety

Water build up, potholes, and tripping hazards in parking lots can lead to serious accidents that might harm customers and damage your business’ reputation. By hiring professional cleaners to maintain your parking lot, you are ensuring such safety hazards are avoided so your customers and staff are kept safe

6. Avoid rodents

Trash and holes attract rodents. By hiring professional cleaners, you are keeping your parking lot trash free and are preventing any holes from forming on your ground. These discourage rodents from staying and building nests in your parking lot.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Keep your parking lot clean and litter free by hiring professional cleaners to do your parking lot sweeping services. At West Coast Property Maintenance, we only provide top-notch property maintenance services. Get a free parking lot cleaning prices estimate by calling our team today!

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