What Makes an Excellent Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Service?

Jan 31, 2022

Perhaps you have heard about parking lot sweeping services before and think that all that’s involved is a broom and dustpan. But that is not the case at all when it comes to excellent commercial parking lot sweeping services, which offer so much more than just sweeping up dust and litter.

There are a few key services that only the best companies will provide to ensure that they connect with their clients first in order to better understand their needs and the condition of the parking lots that need to be maintained.

Hiring a professional parking lot sweeping team is an essential property maintenance service, this will not only keep your parking lot area clean and tidy but also safe and more secure for visitors.

If you want to explore how professional parking lot sweeping could benefit you and your property, keep reading. We will explore what these services look like and the difference between an average and an excellent one.

What to Expect from Parking Lot Sweeping Services?

When you hire a high-quality professional team, there are certain services that you can expect to be provided with.

Some may come with a small additional cost, but they should be made available for you to use when needed.

Cleaning Equipment

Gone are the days of workers having to sweep everything by hand with a broom or wash down the space with a hose. Modern-day equipment has made cleaning parking lots much more effective and efficient.

There are vehicles that are capable of sweeping aside large amounts of litter, dirt, and general debris that are collected at parking lots.

You may also find industrial hoses or washing vehicles that are capable of thoroughly washing down the pavement or asphalt with hot water and even non-slippery detergents.

Graffiti Removal

Every excellent parking lot sweeping company should include graffiti removal in their regular services.

A huge benefit to hiring a professional team is that your parking lot will always look respectable and inviting. Unsightly graffiti can harm this first impression and therefore a good company will jump into action and remove the graffiti in an efficient manner.

Maintaining Appearance

Maintaining the positive appearance of a parking lot extends far beyond sweeping up litter and debris. By having regular and high-quality cleaners taking care of your parking lot, you will avoid vermin infestations as well.

Rodents like mice and rats often congregate in areas with food and shelter. If you don’t leave food and litter, then the rodents will not creep into the parking lot and set up home there. Those who use the parking lot will be very grateful for this.

Creating a Safer Environment

You might not expect it, but choosing to maintain your parking lot will also make the parking lot safer. Water build-up, litter, and other liquids and items can become a hazard for those who use the parking lot.

People have been known to slip or trip on all sorts of things in parking lots. With an excellent company taking care of your parking lot space you no longer have to worry about these kinds of risks.

Choosing the Right Service For You

Like other top-quality service providers, a good property maintenance service should provide a range of services and you can schedule them as regularly or irregularly as you like. It may be difficult to know exactly how often you require cleaning services.

Sometimes it is a good idea to ask the cleaning company to visit your parking lot site so that they can provide an in-person evaluation of the space and understand in better detail any challenges or needs you may have.

Some parking lots may only require an occasional deep cleaning service, but others could need onsite cleaning seven days a week.

A reliable property maintenance service also helps all types of clients and can provide sweeping services for places other than parking lots. Some of the most common clients ask for help with the following areas:

  • Hospitals and Medical Buildings
  • Municipal Parking Lots
  • Parking Facilities in Apartment Blocks or Neighborhoods 
  • Shopping Malls
  • Strip Centers

Let West Coast Property Maintenance Care for Your Parking Lot

If you’re looking for a parking lot sweeping service provider who you can trust and will not only get the job done but will be thorough and careful, you can rely on West Coast Property Maintenance.

First impressions can mean everything when someone is pulling their vehicle into a parking lot and can be the difference between them staying or finding another option elsewhere.

Keeping your parking lot clean will make it safer and more hygienic for everyone, staff as well as visitors. You will likely see an uptick in people using the parking spaces and a better atmosphere will be created in the process.

Discover more about our property maintenance service, contact us at West Coast Property Maintenance today!

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