Commercial Window Washing Equipment: What Real Customers Have to Say

Feb 6, 2023

A trusted commercial window cleaning service should be your go-to when undertaking and ensuring that you complete this task with the utmost care and expertise.

When washing and cleaning a window, it is important to remember a few safe and good practices that ensure not only a clean window but also your own safety. Your tools and equipment will be your first line of defense and an offense against dirty windows, and having the best commercial window washing equipment ensures that these needs are always met.

What Equipment is Most Important?

There are a few pieces of commercial window washing equipment that customers have stuck by and always approved of, which will ensure that the windows are left more squeaky clean than the day they were bought.

Below is a list of the best equipment to have that has been proven to be effective by thousands of real customers.

Pure Water Vs. Traditional Tap Water

It is essential to remember when it comes to glass window washing is the substance used to clean the window itself.

Although tap water would at first appear to be a great way to clean windows, it would, in fact, leave water stains on the window frames themselves once the water dries.

Investing in a pure water system or great cleaning chemicals is a sure way to ensure that dirty windows are left in a better state than when you originally began.

Telescopic Pole

A telescopic pole is an extendable pole that allows the user to clean windows that are located at higher altitudes without leaving the safety of the ground.

Due to the nature of professional window cleaning and the size of commercial buildings, a telescopic pole lowers the risk of accident and injury substantially by allowing its user to remain firmly planted on the ground whilst still being able to access hard-to-reach and higher-up windows.

This is a fantastic purchase and a must-have, as it allows for safety whilst not minimizing the effectiveness of the cleaning process. The rod itself can extend based on the parameters of the given pole, and certain poles have exceptionally long and extended reaches.

Water-Fed Telescopic Brush

A water-fed telescopic brush is created specifically for cleaning at high elevations. As mentioned before, rods can freely be joined to one another without bending, which allows for more accurate work.

Furthermore, to quickly and effectively clean the windows, the hose connector can be linked to the pure water system. You can more quickly and safely access windows from the ground by using this.

If this is combined with a telescopic pole and pure water system, then it provides the user with a great level of safety and high quality of work that is required to ensure customer satisfaction.

Investing in a Good Squeegee

A squeegee is one of the most important tools that professional window cleaners use on a daily basis and multiple times throughout a single job.

It allows for accurate cleaning and shifting of any substances that you may place onto the window itself—and helps minimize the waste of chemicals and products that may be used—as well as dirty cloths and other tools you may use to wipe down the window.

Investing in an exceptional quality squeegee is an important tool to utilize as it increases your quality of service whilst also taking is an important part of any window washers professional equipment.

Microfibre Cloth

A microfiber cloth is a great investment as these cloths have been specially designed to clean almost any surface perfectly.

Microfiber cloths can be used either wet or dry, and no matter how much water it soaks up, it is still able to efficiently clean any window without leaving window streaks.

These cloths are also exceptionally good at picking up dust particles whilst leaving the window spotless. They are also easy to clean and do a fantastic job at going the extra mile.

Extention Ladder and Ladder Safety Equipment

These two go hand-in-hand with one another for those hard-to-reach windows. When undertaking a commercial window cleaning project that no extension pole can reach, your next best option is an extension ladder.

Safety is important, and accidents can occur at any time, so equipping yourself and your ladder with ladder safety equipment is imperative in ensuring a safe and efficient job.

Utility Bucket

Although simple in design, a utility bucket has always proven to be a great addition to all window-cleaning projects. With a utility bucket, it is often simple to move around and allows for the storing and carrying of cloths and other cleaning substances and materials.

A utility bucket comes in various different sizes, but the recommended size that customers always purchase is one that is able to hold around six gallons of water.

This average-sized utility bucket, allows for the swift and simple transportation of water to various parts of the project whilst remaining a great staple in any professional window cleaning service.

Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Service from West Coast Property Maintenance

Cleaning your windows should be a one-time job that only occurs occasionally. However, there is nothing more frustrating than having them cleaned, only to notice dust and scuff marks that still remain.

Having the right commercial window cleaning equipment ensures that your windows receive the best care possible whilst also ensuring your own safety and efficiency when going about cleaning the windows.

The best way to ensure that your windows receive the care that it truly deserves is through a professional team of expert window cleaners like our team. We can ensure that the service you receive is always at its utmost best and that your windows receive the care that it truly deserves.

Our customers have always provided us with fantastic testimonials, and we enjoy providing a service that truly matters. Have your windows cleaner than the day they were first installed so that you can look out and be proud of the service that you have received.

For an excellent commercial window cleaning service, contact us at 714-898-8026 at West Coast Property Maintenance today!

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