How Much Does Power Washing Windows Cost in 2023 and Is It Worth It?

Feb 13, 2023

Power washing windows, it is always a better idea to be utilizing this cleaning method as it offers a secure and efficient way of getting the job done whilst also not damaging the integrity of a window pane.

The average cost range of cleaning a window might be between $10 and $15 or between $4 and $8 for each glass. While these are just averages, these prices may vary based on the square foot size of the property as well as the altitude of the windows.

Power Washing and Pressure Washing – What’s the Difference?

The difference between the two lies in the water itself and the different temperatures that are used to carry out the process. Pressure washing only uses cold water without the aid of a heating element. Power washing, on the other hand, uses highly pressurized heated water to create steam that accomplishes the cleaning.

When utilizing power washing for your windows, it is a great idea to ensure that the job is being done by paid professionals, as a simple mistake could leave you with additional costs in repairing the windows themselves.

Can I Just Use My Garden Hose for Window Cleaning?

Using a typical garden hose for a window cleaning job can seem like a simple and effective way of getting the job done, but it actually proves to be more inefficient.

The reason for this is in the water itself—as it carries various forms of impurities, and once the water evaporates off the windows, it will leave tough scuff marks and streaks that could have your window looking dirtier than before.

It is always better to turn to a reliable commercial window cleaning service because this ensures that the window is not left with imperfections.

How Does Power Washing Windows Work?

This method is an effective way of quickly and easily removing imperfections from windows but requires a steady hand and specific spray patterns to ensure a better and more efficient job.

Some steps are taken to ensure that the process is carried out effectively and with little to no damage done to the windows and the surrounding furniture and environment.

Covering Up and Moving Anything that Could Get Wet or Damaged

Before the process begins, outdoor furniture and garden furniture are moved, and any power points or important fixtures are covered and secured to ensure that no water damage is incurred during the power wash.

When working with water, it is essential to ensure the safety of surrounding objects—so as not to cause damage to anything that would result in an additional charge for repairs to the customer.

Securing the Windows

The windows are tightly secured and closed to ensure that no water gets into the home or building. This is an important step because, due to the nature of power washing, water can find its way through small cracks and crevices, which could cause water damage to objects that it comes into contact with.

Once the windows are secured and closed, then a final check is conducted to ensure that the process can be carried out without any worries.

Removal of Window Screens

An important step to take when power washing a window is to ensure that any window screens are removed and taken away. The reason for this lies in the sensitivity of these screens.

Due to the nature of power washing, window screens can be easily damaged during the process, and this would be an unfortunate event that would result in unwanted additional costs.

The Power Wash Process

Once the previous steps have been completed, the power washing process can be started. During this, a power washer system is used to spray a cleaning solution on the windows that assists in removing dirt buildup, dried-on-dirt, clearing stains, dust, and even bird droppings. Every window is sprayed carefully and precisely to ensure that every square inch is reached and taken care of.

When the windows have all received a spray with the cleaning solution, it is left on the window pane for a few minutes, and then water is applied to the system to rinse it all away. This is an effective method for completely removing impurities and imperfections in the windows while leaving you with a fantastic final product.

Is Power Washing Windows Worth It?

It is always wise to hire trusted professionals when it comes to power washing windows with a pressure washer—minimizing not only the workload but also the possibility of potential damages that could increase the additional costs.

Power washing is a fantastic tool to use for the cleaning of a window because it simplifies the process whilst also providing the extra cleaning power to be exceptionally efficient at carrying out tasks such as the cleaning of stubborn dirt marks such as bird droppings. 

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