Tips For Maintaining Pavers During Different Seasons in Orange County

Mar 6, 2023

Taking a walk through the neighborhood can be a lovely afternoon or morning activity. With a beautiful walkway and well-maintained pavers, any home exterior and neighborhood can look stunning.

Pavers can get damaged throughout the year due to many different factors that may be out of our control, but there are still steps you can take to ensure that your paver remains spotless and beautiful all year round. With additional assistance from a professional paver cleaning service, your pavers can look and feel the same way they did when they were first installed.

Importance of Maintaining Pavers in Orange County

Due to the weather and various other factors in Orange County, there are many different elements that can affect the health of your pavers. With well-maintained pavers, you can help create a space that is visually appealing. A well-maintained paver can also boost your property value if you ever intend on selling in the future.

Maintaining your pavers can also prevent safety hazards. Damaged pavers can cause injury and damage to vehicles with a range of other disadvantages. Paver maintenance is an easy way to prevent damages that could cost a fortune to repair.

3 Factors Affecting Paver Maintenance

Weather and other factors involved play a large role in affecting the quality of your pavers. These factors chip away at the longevity of your pavers until more serious and expensive assistance is needed. Here are some of the most important factors that affect your paver maintenance.

1. Weather Conditions

With the weather ever-changing, it can be difficult to predict when and how your pavers will be affected. As each season turns, there is a range of weather conditions that come with it. In winter, there is the threat of snow and ice which is a known cause of paver damage.

In spring and autumn, the rainfall and plant debris can clog and harm the health of gutters and other drainage systems. Being aware of these weather factors and preparing ahead is a good way to lower the overall damage to your pavers.

2. Traffic Volume

As with anything that is often used, wear and tear is a commonly known issue for pavers. If your paver has a low foot traffic tolerance, this can slowly chip away at the structural integrity. 

3. Type of Paver Materials

The type of pavers used plays a determining role in the longevity of their health. The three most commonly used paver materials are concrete, brick, and natural stone. Each material has unique characteristics and maintenance requirements.

Maintaining Pavers During the Winter Season

The winter season is a frigid beauty of snow and ice. Although snow may seem soft and delicate, the damage it can cause to pavers is immense. Here are some tips and tricks for maintenance activities that protect your paver during this harsh season.

Clearing Snow and Ice

Routinely clearing snow and ice from the paver is a great way to maintain its longevity. It also prevents safety hazards when this surface becomes slippery and unsafe for people and vehicles to use.

Dealing With Salt Damage

Contrary to popular belief, using salt on the paver is a bad idea. Pavers are created from pressed concrete products and salt is a naturally corrosive substance. When salt sits on a paver for an extended period of time, this corrosive material seeps into the concrete and causes pockmarks in the paver.

Repairing Cracks and Potholes

Cracks and potholes are a common sight and occurrence for many pavers. Heavy traffic and general wear and tear can cause this. Dealing with cracks and potholes as they appear is essential in paver maintenance.

When these issues are ignored and left in place, they can cause further damage that may need more expensive solutions. To save money and time, scanning your paver for any potential cracks and potholes and perform physical maintenance as soon as possible is always a great idea.

Preventive Measures For Winter Maintenance

Preventing an issue before it happens is the best way to ensure a clean, safe, and beautiful paver. With the right preventive maintenance, you can rest assured knowing that your paver is always in fantastic condition.

Sealing the Pavers

Before winter approaches, it is best to seal the pavers. This ensures that it is kept safe from the harsh environment and that less maintenance is needed throughout the cold winter months.

Using Sand Instead of Salt For Traction

Salt has been the traditional method during winter to assist with pavers, but this can further deteriorate your paver. Switching to sand instead of salt for traction is a great way to produce the same outcome without the added negative effects that come with salt.

Removing Snow Regularly to Prevent Pile Up

Snow can quickly pile up until it becomes a difficult mess to deal with. Removing the snow regularly ensures that it won’t pile up and become impacted, making it harder to remove. This is a good preventive step that anyone can take.

Orange County’s Paver Cleaning Service You Can Count On

Maintaining and repairing your pavers is the first step toward ensuring their durability and longevity. With the help of our professional team at West Coast Property Maintenance, your pavers can maintain their standard of quality all year round.

Get your free quote today and have your pavers professionally cleaned and maintained in no time!

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