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With its towering sky rises, bustling shopping center, and lively food scene, Century City is definitely one of LA’s most prominent business districts. Century City is a neighborhood just south of Santa Monica Boulevard and west of Downtown Los Angeles.

Century City got its name from 20th Century Fox. The neighborhood was built on one of the movie studio’s repurposed back lots, with the first building built in 1963. Today, the city boasts some of LA’s highest buildings along with diverse shopping malls and luxury residential condominiums.

As a central business district, the city’s shopping and dining centers offer various leisure activities for workers to enjoy day and night. And though the city is highly commercialized, it has a lively outdoor space given its patio culture and vast choice of restaurants.

Lounge around a café outdoors for people watching or grab a scrumptious meal in one of the many delis lining Century’s streets and bask in the sleek architecture and thrumming urban energy that suffuses the entire city.

As a highly commercialized area, people in Century City are always on the move. There’s always the next project or the next sale to get onto. That’s why for 13 years, West Coast Property Management has helped Century City businesses and homeowners stay on top of their daily routines by offering top-notch Century building services and property maintenance.

Different Building Services

As a property owner, you need many types of maintenance services to help protect the integrity of your building. Check out the various Century building services you may need for the upkeep of your property.

Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning

When people are interested in doing business with you, the first thing they do is look through your window to see what you have to offer. If your windows are streaky or stained, this gives potential customers a bad impression and can break your business.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to invest in window cleaning services so that you always have spick and span windows to draw in customers.

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, choosing to hire professionals to do the work not only saves you time, but it ensures your safety. Professional window cleaners have the equipment and training to reach high flung areas. They are also capable of removing stains in minutes when it would have taken you hours to scrub them off using a squeegee and store bought cleaning solution.

Professional Pressure Washing

Professional Pressure Washing is very thorough because it uses 4000 psi and 10 gpm (gallons per minute). Unfortunately, this much pressure can easily lead to property damages and serious injuries when handled incorrectly.

Hiring professional pressure washing services ensures that pressure washing is done correctly so your walkways, walls, roofs, and parking areas are scoured of all buildup. Additionally, professional pressure washers will help maintain your property’s safety and structural integrity. Not to mention, your property will look so good, it will attract potential clients or property buyers.

Junk Removal or Trash Hauling

When you’re busy, it’s so easy to let clutter pile up in your home or office until no one wants to go through them at all. But a business or residence with clutter is hardly welcoming at all! In that case, hire property maintenance services to remove them.

A junk removal or trash hauling company should have the equipment to free you of all unwanted items be it furniture, appliances, boxes of paper, or debris. They can remove all junk in a lot less time than you ever can—and because they’re professionals, you no longer have to search for a dumping ground for your junk because they will sort through and dispose of them properly to make sure you follow waste disposal protocols and don’t get fined.

Parking Lot Sweeping or Garage Cleaning

When you’re busy keeping your property’s interiors well maintained, you can easily neglect your parking lot or garage. Though not always the first place people see, a property’s parking lot or garage still plays a huge role in how customers or house appraisers view your property.

Leaving the dirty work to professionals is a smart way of keeping these areas of your property clean, not only to give a good impression and maintain your property value, but to also avoid accidents and ensure everyone’s safety. Leaving sharps or chemicals lying around can result in accidents that may result in damage to property or even hospitalization.

See What Our West Coast Property Maintenance Building Services Can Do

Rather than having to search and contact different contractors every time you need property maintenance, hiring WCPM ensures your Century building has all its needs taken care of.

Contact WCPM anytime for your Century building services. We are available to service you 24/7. Just give us a call and we’ll make sure the job gets done efficiently and as soon as possible, so you can immediately resume operations and avoid unnecessary downtime!

Call WCPM today and entrust your property maintenance to us. Our building services include all maintenance services you need and all at very reasonable prices to fit within your budget. Contact us to request a free quote or to get quality service today!

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We are so sure that we make a difference that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Why wait? Let us make your property more beautifully clean today.

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West Coast Property Maintenance is your #1 choice for your commercial property maintenance needs, specializing in pressure washing and window cleaning. Serving all of Southern California, we offer a variety of professional services. We believe that quality speaks for itself, and we always keep customer’s costs in mind. Whatever your need, we will take care of you!


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WCPM staff is trained, certified and knowledgeable in all areas of maintenance and cleaning. Our team is professional, thorough and efficient. We take pride in our equipment and only use the most advanced technology on the market. The commercial-grade equipment is always up-to-date and has the power to do any property maintenance job with quality and precision.


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At West Coast Property Maintenance we go the extra mile for you! Leave the details to us, and we will give you the stunning results you deserve! You will see the difference after we have serviced your property!