Cleaning Tips and Tricks: What is the Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaking?

Jun 23, 2022

So you’ve washed your windows and wiped them down, only to realize that there are streaks on them. This is a common mistake many beginner window washers make.

Contrary to what many believe, window washing does not always come with streaks. Streaks form on glass when water dries unevenly on its surface. With a few window cleaning tip tricks here and there, you can level up your window washing skills and have the spic and span windows you deserve!

Use Proper Tools

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning windows is not using the right tools. To avoid streaks, your windows need to be swiped with a squeegee, and the rubber blade of the squeegee must be sharp and without chips or grooves.

Though a sponge or a rag can be used to scrub down some stains or build up on the windows, a squeegee is what you need to smoothly remove any water on the glass. Moreover, the shape of the rubber blade on the squeegee is crucial in helping you remove all the water evenly, making sure no moisture is left behind to form streaks.

When new, squeegees come with sharp rubber blades perfect for cleaning windows. To help maintain their pristine condition, be careful when cleaning the squeegee. Store the squeegee with the rubber side up always to prevent other objects from cutting into the rubber blade.

Also, it’s highly recommended that you buy spare rubber blades for your squeegee. Even when you take great care of the squeegee, sometimes, the rubber blade does get damages or become blunt. Having a spare handy ensures that your window cleaning session is always streak-free.

Avoid Alcohol

Another important factor that contributes to premature drying of water on the windows, which eventually leads to streaks, is the presence of alcohol in the cleaning solution. Compared to water, alcohol evaporates more quickly. Hence, alcohol based cleaning solutions will dry more quickly, risking streaks on your window before you even get to swiping it off with a squeegee.

Instead of using alcohol based cleaning solutions sold in grocery stores and hardware stores, you can try home-made cleaning solutions using water, vinegar, and a bit of dishwashing liquid. 

Rinse with Clean Water

Another reason for streaks is caused by unclean water. Streaks can be left behind when the water used has dirt, oil, or some form of discoloration. After rinsing the windows with unclean water and swiping it down with a squeegee, it will leave behind marks and streaks, which are rather unsightly. Therefore, always rinse windows with clean and clear water.

Swipe Top Down

It isn’t enough that you wick off all moisture from the glass to avoid streaking. Random strokes will not guarantee streak free windows as the water will move around. Therefore, one should swipe the window using a squeegee in a top-down motion. This ensures that the water only flows downward, and no water goes into the areas you’ve already swiped.

Wipe the Squeegee Between Swipes

If you’re using a squeegee with a sharp blade and your water is clean and yet you still get streaks on your window, the culprit is likely the presence of too much water on your squeegee.

Ideally, as you swipe the squeegee, all the water goes with it, scraped by its sharp rubber blade. However, with too much water, the rubber is less able to have a close swipe on the window. Additionally, the water could overflow and escape on the sides of the squeegee blade as you swipe, leaving behind traces of water which, once dry, will manifest as streaks.

To avoid this problem, you must wipe the squeegee dry between swipes. Carry a clean rag with you as you clean the windows and use it to wipe your squeegee, so it has a clean swipe every time.

Do Not Drip Dry

Some people think that splashing clean water all over your glass window means that the water will dry evenly on it. This never happens. Because of the vertical positioning of the windows and the unpredictable direction of the wind. W87t89ater never just dries evenly on a window, so streaks always happen.

That’s why one must never leave windows to drip-dry. And even when you swipe it down with a squeegee, it pays to take a second and final look at your cleaned window before you end your cleaning session. Look for any stray water droplets you may have missed. These can really ruin the look of your windows.

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